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The lawn mowing machine use pay attention to the problem

      The lawn mower is one of the most commonly used garden machinery for landscaping, lawn management is the use of high frequency equipment. Therefore, how to correctly use the lawn mower is very important. The problems in use, for reference.

      the preparatory work before the start of the 1. Check the engine oil check, the lawn mower placed in a horizontal position, engine flameout state, until the oil is still to spare dipstick, first with a clean cloth to wipe to oil, and then insert the oil disc check the oil ruler stained with oil. The oil foot generally engraved with two lines. If the oil position lower than the scale line, please add to the scale. If the oil can not use low lawn mower, otherwise cause engine failure. But do not exceed the scale, excessive oil, will cause the power down and smoke. Note: if the oil ruler with screw threads, check the oil position just insert instead of screwing machine for oil dipstick.

      The oil of type SE or SF20W/40 or more advanced four stroke gasoline engine oil.

2 check the fuel tank lawn mower is generally used in four stroke engine, therefore, must use pure gasoline, mixed oil can not use oil and petrol. Refueling should avoid entering the dirt, dust and water tank.

      The gas is flammable and explosive goods. When gas in the engine stopped, well ventilated location.

      The lawn mower or fuel gas storage, don't smoke, don't work in the region caused by the spark.

The gas, should be careful not to make gasoline spilled on the outside. The evaporation of gasoline gas or spilled gasoline easy to fire. Start the engine, making the spilled gasoline evaporation end.

      Don't make the gasoline tank overflow, after refueling, refueling will tighten the lid.

      The gas in the engine to cool the car.

      The gas to the fuel tank position indicator at the bottom of the neck.

      We can only use unleaded gasoline. If the lawn of a compression ratio of 7 to 8, grade 90 recommended the use of unleaded gasoline; if the compression ratio is 8 to 8.5; recommended 93 unleaded gasoline; if the compression ratio is above 8.5, the recommended 97 unleaded gasoline.

      Check the air filter 3 open air cleaner cover and air cleaner parts. Foam filter and internal paper cartridge check external contamination. If necessary, must be clean.

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