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Hedge machine use matters needing attention

Using a Hedgerow machine should pay attention to the problem

Please read the instructions before use 1 Hedgerow machine, the machine performance and use precautions clear.

The use of 2 hedge trimmer is trimmed hedges and shrubs, in order to avoid accidents, do not for other purposes.

3 hedge trimmer is installed cutter, high-speed reciprocating motion, if the operation is wrong, it is dangerous. So when the fatigue or discomfort, after taking cold medicine or after drinking, do not use hedge trimmer.

4 gas engine exhaust contains harmful carbon monoxide. Therefore, not in the greenhouse or indoor, tunnel ventilation is a good place to use hedge trimmer.

The following 5 occasions, do not use.

The foot is smooth, difficult to maintain stable operation posture.

Second, because of the heavy fog at night or on the job site, the surrounding security is difficult to confirm.

The HERSHEY'S weather (rain, wind and thunder, etc.).

6 when using for the first time, please be sure to have the experience of hedge trimmer usage guidance, we can start the actual operation.

7. Fatigue will reduce the attention, thus becoming the cause of the accident, do not make operation plan is too tight, every continuous working time should not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and then to have 10 to 20 minutes of rest, the working time of day should limit in two hours.

8 minors are not allowed to use hedge trimmer.

Two, the use of labor protection supplies when hedge trimmer

1 the use of Hedgerow machine, suitable for outdoor operation should wear clothing, and wear the following protection activities:

The operating cap (in the slope operation to wear helmets), the hair is tied up and protect.

The dustproof glasses or facial mask.

The rugged wear protective gloves.

It is not easy to slide, sturdy shoes.

The earplugs (especially long time operation).

2 please bring the following items.

The machine tool accessory and file.

Suitable for the use of spare fuel hedge trimmer.

The replacement blade.

The marking operation areas (ropes, wooden utensils).

The whistle (using a common operation or emergency).

The hand (using machetes, eradicate obstacles).

3 please do not wear pants or trousers barefoot, wear sandals, shoes and other large operations.

Three, note the use of fuel

Using the 1 Hedgerow machine engine fuel oil and gasoline mixed oil is flammable. Please do not refuel or store the fuel in the burning furnace, burner, the stove has the potential to fire place.

Don't smoke or refueling operations 2.

3 in the process of using no fuel, the engine must first stop, confirm no fireworks after refueling around.

4 gas as fuel spills, after must be attached to the body clean fuel, can start the engine.

5 gas after sealing the container, and then to start the engine before leaving the fuel container 3 meters above the place.

Note four, before working

1. Before starting work, it is necessary to first clarify the site (terrain, Hedgerow nature, obstacle of the site and the surrounding risk degree), clear moving obstacles.

. to operators as the center, radius 15 meters of the danger zone, in order to prevent others from entering the area to with a rope around or erected a wooden warning. In addition, several people at the same time, from time to time to greet each other, and keep a safe distance.

3 before starting work, carefully check each part of body, in that there are no loose screw, oil leakage, damage or deformation etc. before starting work. Especially the blades and connecting parts more carefully check.

4 confirm the blade has no chipping, cracks, bending before use. Absolutely can not use the abnormal blade.

5 please use a sharp blade grinding.

6 grinding blade, blade to prevent crack, must take the tooth root file into an arc.

7 in good tighten the screw blades, first hand rotary blade check, swing or abnormal sound. If there is a swing up and down, it may cause the fixed part of the abnormal vibration of blade or loose.

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