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Garden machinery used maintenance tips

      Garden machinery in use will inevitably appear all sorts of problems, through some tricks we can easily eliminate. Let's look at the use of garden machinery maintenance tips.

      Skillful check on the machine parts crack cracks, cut the grass garden rake can not be forced to use. But how to judge whether there are cracks and cracks in the parts where? The suspected parts into kerosene soaked for 30 minutes, remove the dry surface, on the surface wipe on a layer of chalk dust, a period of time after, due to chalk dust absorption of crack in the exudation of kerosene, where there was a crack in the dark, can find out parts crack.

      Qiao loaded tire to get rid of the rim of rust, inner and outer tyre between coated with a thin layer of talcum powder, then the wheel flat, put the tire. With a foot pedal or a crowbar to tire side flange to pry into the wheel rim, into the inner tube, and wire, the inflating valve fixed garden Ripper in wheel air hole in the valve, the final installation of the tire on the other side. From the charging valve and its corresponding position, with a crowbar to tire part to pry into the rim, then gradually from the inflation valve to both sides of the installation, also with the foot and pneumatic valve position relative to the tread, side step edge pry, can make tire steel wire ring parts gradually into the rim.

      To a crankshaft oil seal oil seal Qiao loaded, the seal face prone to distortion, resulting in leakage. Will be a clean thin hard roll into a horn shaped drum, the drum is sheathed on the shaft, small drum is arranged in an end shaft, oil seal is sheathed on the small end of the drum, hand to seal gently to the shaft rotation into, the direction of rotation with the drum roll to consistent, when the oil sealed rotary in place, slowly out of the drum can be.

      How to check cable cable cut water pump in use due to repeated folding and twisting, prone to breakage. With a power plug of 220V, in which a single power line on the lighting of a 220V, 15W, two power lines are respectively connected with both ends of the cable in a cable core, connected to the power supply after the light bulb said through the line, otherwise the core wire fault. Then hold the cable force, a section of the extrusion, if the light is off line said here. Disconnect the power cut with a knife sleeve connected with wire, insulating tape wrapped.

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